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The Myth of Stretching

Stretching, icing, all that sort of massage, all that kind of rehab stuff, super, super important, right? Maybe it’s the worst thing you could be doing for yourself, if you’re trying to be a healthier, better human being, let alone athlete. We’re going to find out more about that on today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast with my guest Brianne Showman, PT, DPT.

Do Running Shoes Make you Stupid?

Now, I’m not suggesting that if you put on a pair of traditional running shoes, your IQ will go down, you won’t get into the college of your choice, or you won’t be able to fill out a tax form or a crossword puzzle. But, I’m going to talk about two other kinds of stupidity. And when I talk about traditional running shoes, traditional is sort of a funny word to use because what most people think of as a running shoe, thick, padded, motion control, arch support, elevated heel, things like that. Frankly, that’s actually not traditional.

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