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How to NOT Pick a Good Shoe

I’m going to give you some negative advice, how to not pick a good running shoe on today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement podcast.  I think it’s important to know how not to do things in order to inform how to do things. Even when I’m teaching people how to run naturally or run barefoot, I’ll often have them exaggerate bad patterns because that way it really highlights what that pattern is and makes it easier to start doing something different.

What Shoes Did Jesus Wear?

What shoes did Jesus wear? Or Moses or Muhammad or Buddha? Well, we’re going to take a look at that in today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement, the podcast where people will want to know the truth about what it takes to have a happy, healthy, strong body starting with the feet first, because those things are your foundation.

Does Barefoot Running Cure Injuries?

The holy grail is knowing how to run without getting injured, whether you’re wearing shoes or going barefoot, that’s really your goal is to enjoy going out…enjoy running, and not worry about being able to do it the next day. Let’s find out more with my guest today, Peter Francis, a lecturer in sports, exercise and rehabilitation science at Leeds Beckett University.

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