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What Research Says About Comfortable Shoes – And Women Who Have No Feet

The recent scientific as severe shocked me and probably will shock you as well. Women have no feet. Yes, you would be right. Women have no feet at least, that seems to be the way big footwear companies treat women and their feet. And we’re going to find out more about that on today’s episode with my guest Founder and President of Heeluxe, Geoffrey Gray.

How Long Do Shoes Last?

You buy a new pair of running shoes or even walking shoes, or any kind of shoe frankly. And you go for a walk or a run and at a certain point, the shoes get bad. And what could happen to you if you don’t replace them in time, and when do you replace them? Well, I have answers to both of those questions in today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast, the podcast for people who like to know the truth about what it takes to have a happy, healthy, strong body. starting with the feet first.

Better Breathing, Better Health?

Could the way you breathe be hurting…not only your health but even your performance? Do you breathe in then out? Or do you breathe out then in? Whichever one you do could make a difference. Kidding, that has nothing to do with it, but you’re going to find out more on this episode of The MOVEMENT Movement podcast with Dr. Artour Rakhmov sharing Dr. Buteyko’s breathing method.

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