On today’s episode, I have my friend, Dr.¬†Bryan C. Heiderscheit, PT, PhD.

We will be exploring something interesting. One of the many things we’ll be exploring is; Could you improve your running and get rid of your injuries by moving faster without running faster?

I know that sounds crazy, but we’ll jump in and find out how that works.

I’m Steven Sashen from the movement movement podcast. You can find move@jointhemovementmovement.com or all the various places where you can think of where you’d find join The Movement Movement if you actually, if you go to jointhemovementmovement.com, you’ll see Twitter and Facebook and youtube and iTunes and everywhere else, and this is a podcast for people who want to learn the truth about how to move healthily, happily strong, have healthy, happy, strong bodies, and to cut through the mythology that people have been propagating that might keep you from doing that.

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