How do you fix your feet, relieve foot pain and create functional, healthy feet that will help you hike a mountain, run a marathon or just walk to get groceries? We’re going to find out more about that on today’s episode on The MOVEMENT Movement podcast with my special guest Petra Fisher.

I’m Steven Sashen, host of The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast, and we call it that because we are creating a movement about movement, more accurately, we are trying to remind people, help them rediscover that natural movement is the obvious better healthy choice, the way we currently think natural food is. And it’s a movement, that means it involves you reading the message, sharing the word about natural movement.

If you want to spread the word, be part of our community, it’s really simple, just share and like and review, and do all those things you know how to do. Go to, and that’s where you can find all the previous episodes.

It’s awfully hard to enjoy life when your body hurts. By giving your body more and better movement is an investment in your future – and it also makes life better right now. Find out more about Petra Fisher and her courses at:

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