On today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast, I am sharing with you the Inside Secrets for Getting Shoes that FIT!

Now there’s two aspects to getting footwear that fits your feet. One has to do with you the most important thing in the world – you, and the other has to do with shoes and shoe companies. And I’m talking about both of those and this’ll explain the problems; why it’s so hard to find shoes that fit and what you’re going to be able to do about it.

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  1. Your shoes might have a small stack height but they also bend way more than other brands, so I find I do need a gap in front of my toes. A smaller one, maybe.

    It’s fascinating to me that you like the sensation of the toes against the shoe front, and get proprioceptive info from it. I wonder if that’s the Morton’s toe. The second toe could maybe have a little compression without pain or loss of functionality, while the big toe is doing more work. Also the big to has a (comparatively) gigantic nail that hurts when it’s bent around or compressed. It’s interesting.

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