Walking is one of the most fundamental things that human beings do. Walking on two legs is what makes us human beings. What if we’re all doing it wrong? That’s right. The simplest thing, walking, are we doing it wrong? We’re going to find out about that and much, much more on today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement podcast.

My guest today is Katy Bowman, an internationally recognized biomechanist, author, and science communicator.

Katy has both the skill and passion for reintroducing movement into people’s everyday lives. With her bestselling books, award-winning podcast (with more than 3 million downloads!) and classes both in person and online, she reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month. She regularly travels the globe to lead workshops and retreats, and is frequently featured on TV shows like NBC’s Today Show and in publications such as Prevention and Good Housekeeping. Katy directs and teaches at the Nutritious Movement Center Northwest in Washington state, consults on research and on movement-rich community and educational space design, and spends as much time as possible moving outside with her husband and children.

Learn more about Katy Bowman and Nutritious Movement at: https://www.nutritiousmovement.com/about-nutritious-movement

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  1. Good show.
    I enjoyed it very much as I sat completely sedentary in my computer chair. I have only found one hitch in the “Natural Movement” movement, and that would be that there is not enough options.

    I have a condition where my little toes grow toward the toe next to them, rather than down. This creates a hard callous, which further limits the room between my toes, which causes more irritation, which causes a thicker callous…etc. I can barely walk at the end of the day. They decided the best option was to cut the toes off, rotate them 45 degrees and reattach them. That seemed a little drastic to me.

    I started going barefoot and wearing sandals as much as possible and that helped a lot, but I have come to realize conventional shoes have become more and more painful. I wonder if others find this to be the case.

    I’m a machinist, so I have to wear safety toe shoes. There is nothing even remotely shaped like a real foot in safety toe shoes. I have some that are zero drop, but the shape is the usual style driven, rather than, natural.

    I really wish Xero would come out with something on the order of a Hana or Oswego with a lightweight safety toe.

    Thank you,

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