Discover your REAL ‘Sixth Sense’: Balance

You think you have five senses. I’m not even going to list them, because I can’t remember what the hell they are. But maybe you have a sixth sense, and I don’t mean ESP, that if you don’t master and develop and practice, could really impact your life in a very, very negative way.

Episode 24: Can Problems With Your Feet, Back or Hips Be Caused By Your Toes?

Could any problem that you’ve ever had with your feet, with your ankles, with your knees, with your hips, with your back, just be because of something going on with your toes? I don’t know, but we’re going to find out on today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast, with special guest Dr. Ray McLanahan, the creator of Correct Toes.

Dr. Irene Davis’ Change of Heart From Orthotics to Natural Foot Movement

How can someone who not only makes orthotics basically for a living, but teaches other people how to do that, have a change of heart, and become the preeminent expert in minimalist footwear and natural movement? You’re about to find out on today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement, the podcast for people who want to know the truth about what it takes to have a happy, healthy, strong body.

Our Mission is Our Mission

You want to save the world, don’t you, who doesn’t? And one of the best ways you can do that is by buying products from companies that also want to save the world, that have a mission of saving the world, that do things like if you buy one of their products, they give one to someone in need. Really good way to do it, don’t you think? Okay, maybe not what you think, and let’s find out more on today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement podcast.

Run Better with Tai Chi?

Most people think of Tai Chi as something that old people do. That’s moving really slowly and it’s all very meditative. But what if something like Tai Chi could help you become a better, faster, healthier runner that finds you running and moving, more pleasant, more enjoyable, and more efficient?


You’re a smart, educated, conscious, and conscientious consumer. Therefore, you want to buy products that are sustainable, because you don’t want to destroy the planet when you buy things. And sustainable, that’s going to be the thing that’s going to be helpful, right? I don’t know. Let’s find out on today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement podcast.

How to Grow Older, But Not Slower

When you get older you get slower, or do you? From the age of 45 Keith Bateman’s running times improved dramatically, culminating in a host of State, National and World age-group records. The records that he set in the 55-age-group were faster than the records he set in the 45-age-group!

Barefoot Q&A

You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers. On today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement podcast, I am answering questions about barefoot running and going barefoot in public. If you have questions that you want me to A, then you can drop them to me by E-mail. and when I do the next Q&A, maybe I’ll have your Q for my answer.

Footwear, Barefoot Running, and the Optimal Diet – a Conversation with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

Today is not one of my normal rant days. We get to talk to an old friend of mine, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. Mark practices Family Medicine in West Virginia. He is a Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine and conducts Continuing Medical Education courses on health, fitness, and running through HealthFitU and developed the US Air Force Efficient Running Program.