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Don’t Talk About Barefoot Running

You’ve just gotten out of big, thick, padded motion control shoes. Maybe you’re running barefoot, maybe you’re running in a truly minimal shoe, like Xero Shoes. You’ve had incredible experiences. Injuries might have gone away. You feel better, you’re having more fun. So you want to tell everyone, right? Yeah. Shut up. Don’t do that. We’re going to talk about why on today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement podcast.

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Exercise LESS and Get MORE Gains?

Could the secret to getting stronger and fitter be doing less than you ever thought was realistic or possible, or made any sense whatsoever? Maybe. We’re going to find out today on this episode of The MOVEMENT Movement podcast. I’m Steven Sashen from, the host of this podcast. And today I am speaking to Tim Anderson and Dani Almeyda of

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Footwear, Barefoot Running, and the Optimal Diet – a Conversation with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

Today is not one of my normal rant days. We get to talk to an old friend of mine, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. Mark practices Family Medicine in West Virginia. He is a Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine and conducts Continuing Medical Education courses on health, fitness, and running through HealthFitU and developed the US Air Force Efficient Running Program.