Let’s say you’re a runner and you want to become a better runner, what’s the best way to do that? How about stop running and do something else Instead? The thing that I’m about to tell you will guaranteed make you a better, healthier runner, who can continue running for much, much longer. Here we go. Two words. Drum roll please. Strength training.

I want to hear what happens when you do this, so please keep me posted. Thank you for joining me on my little strength training rant for this episode of The MOVEMENT Movement podcast. If you want to follow up on other things that we’ve talked about, interviews that we’ve done, other rants that I’ve gone on that were frankly more ranty than this one was. This is a little more encouraging. Head over to www.jointhemovementmovement.com where you can find all the different places you can engage with us, find the podcast and share and like and review and click the button and subscribe. And as I said, if you want to be part of the tribe, please subscribe.

PLUS – Don’t miss the supplemental video:

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