In today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement podcast, host Steven Sashen interviews the founder of the Moboboard, Jay Dicharry.

Jay spends the majority of his time researching and applying approaches to improve injury resilience in athletes, and working towards incremental gains in elite athletic performance. Through this work, Jay discovered a discovered a problematic trend: athletes don’t train their feet like they train the rest of the body. This oversight leaves seconds on the clock and black holes in an athlete’s preparation.

Over the years, Jay developed innovative techniques to rebuild the foot, all requiring extensive one on one training and there were no tools on the market to progress from basic training towards sport specificity.

Never one to settle, he has changed this with development of MOBO! He made some sketches, bought a CNC machine to make prototypes, filed some patents, sourced production, and is proud to deliver this mobility board called MOBO to the world.

Jay’s personal mission statement is “if you are going to compete, show up ready” and he believes every athlete deserves a chance to achieve their best —> from the ground up.

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