You buy a new pair of running shoes or even walking shoes, or any kind of shoe frankly. And you go for a walk or a run and at a certain point, the shoes get bad. And what could happen to you if you don’t replace them in time, and when do you replace them? Well, I have answers to both of those questions in today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast, the podcast for people who like to know the truth about what it takes to have a happy, healthy, strong body, starting with the feet first, because those things are, you may have noticed your foundation there at the bottom of your body.

We also break down the propaganda, the mythology and sometimes the outright lies that you’ve been told, about what it takes to walk, to run, to hike to dance, to play to do yoga to do crossfit, whatever it is you’d like to do, enjoyably, efficiently, effectively. And that’s why we’re here. I’m Steven Sashen and your host of The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast, the CEO of And more importantly, what we’re doing here, we call it The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast because we’re creating a movement about a movement.

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  1. I really enjoy wearing my Xero shoes. I almost always wear my Xero shoes when I wear shoes. I used to get foot pain wearing regular shoes. Hardly ever do now except when standing still for long periods of time. My queastion is how long should the uppers last on the Terraflex shoes?

    • It depends on how you treat them. I know some people who’ve worn theirs every day for almost 2 years (about how long they’ve been available). We can’t violate the laws of physics, so if someone does something to apply a lot of friction, for example, they won’t last as long. But we do have a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty in case something goes awry.

  2. I have worn a pair of Inov-8 roclite 295s for more than 2500 miles and the only reason I got rid of them was because my foot tore through the side when they wore out from being repeatedly washed. Fabulous outsoles for trails. Minimal cushion shoes at the time.

    I also had 2 different pair of maximal shoes that the lateral heel outsole wore off in approximately 200 miles when I am not a heel striker, that was just from the heel hitting the ground during midstance.

  3. I don’t fear injury; I find that going through short spells of these issues keeps me mindful and aware of my choices all the time. It reminds me when I haven’t chosen to regularly tend my movement gear (my feet and legs, in this case) in the same way I would a bike or car, to keep things humming along nicely. Injuries also remind me how fortunate I am to feel and move well so much of the time and to be grateful for that. What I do with my wonky ankle is the same thing I write to do in my books. First, I tune in to how I was moving beforehand —way beforehand, like the last year or months as well as the week and day before.

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