What shoes did Jesus wear? Or Moses or Muhammad or Buddha? Well, we’re going to take a look at that in today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement, the podcast where people will want to know the truth about what it takes to have a happy, healthy, strong body starting with the feet first, because those things are your foundation.

We explore the propaganda, the mythology, the outright lies, that sometimes people have told you about what it takes to run or walk or hike, or do yoga or CrossFit or whatever you like to do for fun, and to do it enjoyably and efficiently and effectively. And did I mentioned enjoyably? Yes, I know I did, but that’s the most important part. If it ain’t fun, do something different till it is.

I’m Steven Sashen from XeroShoes.com, your host of The MOVEMENT Movement podcast, where we’re creating a movement about natural movement.

To learn more, visit my website at https://jointhemovementmovement.com, or email me at move@jointhemovementmovement.com.

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