Shawn Flot holds a master’s in Physical Therapy, a BS in Exercise Physiology and Certificate Adv. Oxygen Advantage Instructor. His perspective is everyone has access to their own health through skill means; that a wholesome approach that includes the full-spectrum of body & mind functions, provides a person the best possible opportunities to develop their best self in the activities they want to do. With a passion of helping people find access to their own capacities, that includes their health, his guidance focuses on functional movements from the ground up along with incorporating the dynamics of the breath. This tailored approach brings forward concepts and practice that promote the integration of vital functions required for recovery & healing, sustaining health and supporting longevity, promoting fitness and performance physically and mentally.

Listen to this episode of The MOVEMENT Movement with Shawn Flot about how your body is not a machine.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

– How viewing our bodies as mechanical objects is limiting and doesn’t fully capture the complexity of biomechanics.

– Why the traditional approach of using rigid orthotics for foot support during recovery does not align with the goal of promoting natural movement.

– How the foot is designed to bend and move making ridged orthotics unnecessary.

– Why losing the connection to your feet can result in a rigid walking pattern.

– How assessing foot mobility can reveal restrictions in other parts of the body that must be addressed for optimal foot function.

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