If you don’t know physics, you shouldn’t be buying running shoes. I will tell you why, and I’m also going to teach you a little bit of physics, enough to be really obnoxious at parties. And just a few minutes here on this episode of The MOVEMENT Movement, the podcast for people who want to know the truth about what it takes to have a happy, healthy, strong body starting with the feet first, cause those things are your foundation.

Here’s where we break down the propaganda, the mythology, sometimes the outright lies that you’ve been told about what it takes to run, to walk, to hike, to dance, to do CrossFit, to do yoga, to power, lift, to do dance, dance, revolution, whatever it is that you like to do and do that enjoyably healthily and efficiently.

I’m your host Steven Sashen. Remember to join the tribe and subscribe at https://jointhemovementmovement.com.

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  1. Interesting about the foam, perhaps a little give is the difference between walking on rocks and on soil or on sand. This difference provides feedback as to how we should stand, the speed we can safely move at, the effort needed. So 2mm is a great analogy of firm soil so we can keep moving quickly with less effort? Maybe?

    So yeah, foam is like running in deep sand. Perhaps suggest this to the Kenyans and send them some Xero Shoes to try too! It would be amazing to see their personal bests suddenly leap forward!

    All the best!
    Steve C

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