David went from rock bottom (what he called Ground Zero), at 320 pounds, struggling with bankruptcy and addiction, to becoming an accomplished athlete, completing everything from a 5k to the Leadville 100 mile race and a 48-hour treadmill run!

In this episode of The MOVEMENT Movement podcast, David talks about what inspired his change—his habits, his thinking, his actions—and the transition to becoming a record-setting endurance athlete.

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  1. Please, please I am just hoping like crazy that this wonderful man is not going to promote fasting….arghhh.

  2. YAY!! Just love this interview! This dude does have the right attitude. If fasting had come up I would have spent the next hour or two slamming fasting!

    Steven, for you to be able to compete with black sprinters is simply flat out amazing. Have you had a DNA test? I’ll be you have some black genes in you that give you those fast twitch muscles necessary for explosive speed and even for jumping!

    Just a word from a Super Woman who doesn’t have the body once had. It is very much like being paraplegic. I am serious. You two need to start forming identities that are plausible in your old age. I had the thought I would be just like Jack LaLane. Pulling tugboats across the San Francisco bay at 80+ years old.

    Nope. All of a sudden I woke up stuck in an old body that could not would not do what it used to be able to do for all of its life. Went off hormones because I had a bit of a dance with cancer. And immediately, almost like Star Trek the episode where they land on a planet that instantly aged them. The original Star Trek with William Shatner? Talk about a horrifying episode in life!!

    Not everyone can be a Jack LaLane. My bones were used up so much the Xrays showed busted up and dissolving skeleton! Two hip replacements on the R (it is tough to learn to slow down to normal people speed!!), fused C4 and C5 vertebrae, skin just went crepey over night. I also got lots of sun in my life. A kid in Hawaii? No sunscreen even invented as yet? Just Noxema! and big t-shirts over 3rd degree sunburn. Couldn’t keep me out of the water and out of the sun!

    Only the most courageous of people are able to handle old age gracefully. So I am not courageous? I am not going out without a hell of a lot of of cussing and obstinance!!

    Old age is so tough and you two are in the prime of your life. Old age is for real if you don’t die young. My point is even if you are able to workout and run everyday as hard as you can, you will not be able to out run old age. Get used to tripping an awful lot. Your brain KNOWS how to move, it just doesn’t know that the body is no longer able to respond correctly.

    And, your DRIVE is reduced. Arghhh. Old people just want to stay in one place, there is a hell of a lot of pain that…is just constant. In the background constant. Unbelievable what I am from what I used to be. That takes some adjusting and I will always be pissed off I got old! I didn’t get ready for old age! We don’t live with our grand parents and parents and able to watch the process of old age!

    In a very real way, your body has a limit of how many miles you put on it. The more miles is not better. Not for me and my hummmm, bones that got old before my muscle. I simply hate old age. Grins.

    • Hey Stormy, check out Biomechanist Katy Bowman’s book “Dynamic Aging: Simple exercises for Whole-Body Mobility” co-written with four women approaching their 80s. The ladies have a blog called dynamicaging4life.com. You will be amazed and encouraged.Tara

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