Stretching, icing, all that sort of massage, all that kind of rehab stuff, super, super important, right? Maybe it’s the worst thing you could be doing for yourself, if you’re trying to be a healthier, better human being, let alone athlete. We’re going to find out more about that on today’s episode of The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast.

Today I am chatting with Brianne Showman, PT, DPT, a Physical Therapist by trade, but what she primarily does, is coach runners and obstacle course racers. Many years ago, Brianne was a traditional therapist who saw the injured person in an insurance-based clinic, and she got very fed up with what insurance companies do to control us.

She got very fed up with just fixing broken people constantly, so she became a coach to get people on the front end of things in order to make more resilient athletes rather than constantly fixing broken people.

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For more information on Brianne:

Dr. Brianne Showman Brown has been a licensed physical therapist since 2006. Since that time, she has been helping active adults and athletes get back to the activities they love.

As ideas and theories in rehabilitation, functional movement, and nutrition are constantly changing, she is constantly searching for the new information in order to get you back to the activities you love as quickly (but safely) as possible.

Being a CrossFitter and runner herself, she also understands the desire to want to push through the pain, not wanting to take time off, and wanting to get back to activity as soon as possible when required to take time off. She does her best to keep you active in the things you are able to do, modifying as necessary, but not taking you completely out of the gym, off the track/field, or off the road.


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